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The Colorful KANJIshenzhen SONIC Portable Bluetooth Home Audio System:

  From KANJIshenzhen features two 1.97" drivers and a two-way 6.5inch deep drivers flexible design that delivers powerful audio wherever you place the speaker.
  The KANJIshenzhen SONIC is equipped with both Bluetooth and 6EQ (Outdoor and indoor style exchange technology, so you can wirelessly pair it to any compatible device and stream audio.
  In case you don't have any Bluetooth , you can also line in audio using the speaker's RCA or USB inputs.
  For an even bigger sound, you can connect multiple KANJIshenzhen SONIC speakers in a chain using the Party Host function.

  The SONIC showcases several listener-friendly features, including EXTRA BASS technology, which provides a deeper, punchier bass. and it's one-box design makes it very portable, so you can bring the party with you wherever you go.


Hit the EXTRA BASS button to add some low-end power to your music. EXTRA BASS technology works by reinforcing basslines to create deep, punchy bass.
Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) faithfully restores high frequency elements that add detail and richness to your favorite tracks, producing high quality sound that's closer to the original CD recording.

USB Port for Plug and Play
With a USB port, you'll be able to connect a compatible smartphone, tablet, or laptop and play all your digital files. Compatible with MP3, WMA, and WAV formats, you'll be able to keep the party moving with your favorite playlists.

Two-Way Design
A flexible two-way setup gives you great sound, no matter how you place the speaker. Set it up horizontally for a classic boombox feel, or flip it upright if you're short on space. A built-in sensor optimizes how sound is processed to stereo sound, regardless of which setup you choose.

Fast Bluetooth
Fast Bluetooth technology allows you to enjoy the high-quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With 3x the data transmitted of conventional Bluetooth, provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.
Enjoy wireless control of all your party settings using Bluetooth, Switch up lighting patterns or activate DJ effects and EQ settings to pump up the atmosphere. You can also select your favorite playlists and cue the next song, without being tied to the DJ booth.

ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts sound settings for an enhanced listening experience. By leveraging Sony's digital signal processing technologies, ClearAudio+ is able to deliver a consistently clear, high-quality sound, whether you're gaming or enjoying music and movie

Impedance :4 ohm
Separation :More than 45dB  THD<5%

Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz

Woofer:2×6.5 INCH

Tweeters:2×2 INCH

Output power:30W×2


Voltage :AC 110V-240V

Function:USB/SD/FM/EQ/Remote control/one wireless mic/Bluetooth/color light

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